City Hall For AllSan Antonio, Texas


The objective of this design solution for City Hall accessibility is to provide equal access for all while preserving the historic integrity of this important municipal landmark.

To provide equal access for all, two broad ramps are inlaid from the northeast and southeast corners of the site. The ramps extend diagonally into the sides of the top landing of the existing historic stair. The corners of the site are where most pedestrians approach City Hall and, as such, the new ramps would likely become the primary access route for the disabled and able-bodied alike. The ramps flare out at their bases to provide legible, inviting, and convenient pathways to the building.

To preserve the historic integrity of City Hall (and, in turn, our history as a City), the new design elements are subtle and allow the building to “speak for itself”. New construction and landscaping are positioned to provide a frame for the historic stairs and entryway. The existing symbolic functions of City Hall, its material palette, its architectural style, its symmetrical configuration, and its existing landscape were all carefully considered and interwoven into the new design.