Greenline ParkBrooks - San Antonio, Texas


Brooks City Base, located on the site of the former Brooks Air Base, is a community of more than 1,200 acres planned for mixed-use development that includes residential, retail, office, and light industrial, build–to-suit opportunities. 40 Acres of the site has been designated for stormwater retention. With a view to resolving the technical retention requirement while also encouraging alternative modes of transportation around the site, the multi-use pathways project was conceived.

The master plan design re-configures retention areas into a series of wet ponds enhanced with all the accoutrements of a park setting: wide concrete paths, site furnishings, pavilions, night-sky friendly lighting, and landscaping. Controlled outfall structures are designed to blend into the overall outdoor scene, including a bridge structure which both manages outfall and eliminates an existing low water crossing. The pathways link sites within the Brooks campus and also offer opportunities for linkage to the nearby San Antonio River Walk and Mission Trail. A phased construction program has been planned to implement the project.