Hixon Properties
Corporate OfficesSan Antonio, Texas


Located in the historic Staacke-Stevens Building in downtown San Antonio, this project involved a comprehensive remodeling to accommodate a corporate headquarters function.

The Staacke and Stevens Buildings were built in the late 1800’s as two independent but adjoining 3-story buildings, and the two properties were renovated to become a single building in the 70’s. While the 70’s work included a faithful restoration of the buildings’ facades, interior remodeling destroyed or removed virtually all of the existing historic fabric.

The design was based on the idea of creating of a modern, functional work environment while reinforcing the building’s historic exterior with an architecturally sympathetic interior. The finished project is clearly contemporary, but the material palette, carefully detailed wood trim, and low-key color scheme recall the building’s historic ambience.

The space has been expanded on 2 occasions since the project’s initial completion to accommodate the Client’s growing space needs.