Project TechSan Antonio, Texas


The fusion of Spanish Colonial and Art Deco styles has been identified in many of the prominent historic buildings and facilities located on the Port San Antonio Campus. This stylistic fusion also inspires the architectural design of the Project Tech Class A Office Building. Located in the heart of Port San Antonio, at the intersection of General Hudnell Drive and South General McMullen Drive, the handsome, bilaterally symmetrical, 90,000 s.f. three-story building is constructed of durable, site-cast concrete panels with rich, terracotta-toned, monumental-scaled masonry. The building is accented with an approximately sixty-foot tall/thirty-foot diameter cylindrical glass curtainwall entrance that faces the prominent intersection, and is complemented by a timeless lobby and core design comprised of custom detailing.

Continuing Port San Antonio’s commitment to “green” initiatives, the building’s design is comprised of environmentally friendly, yet durable, finishes and energy-efficient materials and systems.

Completed in 2018, the building hosts cybersecurity and other advanced technology operations.