This growing worship and education center is located on a steeply sloped, wooded site in north central San Antonio. With 100,000 s.f. of Church, School, and common space intertwined on 5 floor levels and little room for expansion, challenges related to growth potential, capacity to provide comprehensive services, accessibility, and security were apparent.

A comprehensive master plan was developed to address all of the common and sometimes conflicting needs of the Church and School. The overall building size is expanded to 130,000 s.f. and significant interior remodeling/repurposing of space is proposed.

Additional space needs for the School are addressed by repurposing a portion of the existing building, adding a new upper floor and expanding into an existing courtyard to provide a much needed theater facility. A new wing, carefully placed on the lower elevations of the site, provide a much needed new Parish Hall and easily accessible Church administrative space while maintaining the visual dominance of the Church’s sanctuary and bell tower. Circulation improvements are achieved by reimagining the corridor systems and vertical connections of the building into a simpler, more legible pattern. The School’s need for increased security and the Church’s desire for an open, inviting environment are balanced by developing a clear set of separation points between Church and School space. Redevelopment of the site to expand parking, provide accessible entries, and separate Church and School vehicular traffic complete the Master Plan.