Stinson Municipal Airport
Administration BuildingSan Antonio, Texas


Stinson Airport is the 2nd oldest public airport in the U.S. (1915) and aviation history would be incomplete without a mention of Stinson and its historic terminal building (1936).

In recent years, Stinson's growing space requirements necessitated new construction. The initial program called for a freestanding new building, but design studies concluded this approach would inevitably lead to the diminution of the existing terminal's historic importance and its useful life. An expansion concept was therefore proposed, with the central design
goal of creating the needed new space while respecting the integrity of the existing terminal and its site.

The design scheme creates two new 2-story 'wings' which adjoin the existing building at its corners and expand the structure to more than 4 times its original size. The wings are splayed away from the existing front fa├žade and scaled to diminish their bulk. An open arcade, detailed to recall the geometry of nearby historic hangars, connects the new wings. Together, the wings and arcade form an entry courtyard, framing the original main entry. The exterior material palette of stone and galvanized metal echoes but does not copy the original terminal and hangar architecture.